Dr. Katiah Llerena, PhD

Gramercy Psychological Services

Dr. Katiah Llerena, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist providing scientifically-based individual counseling, psychotherapy, and coaching in-person in San Francisco or online (live video therapy) throughout California.

For many young professionals, different aspects of life (e.g., careers, relationships, family, loss) and the added pressure of a changed world due to the COVID-19 pandemic can accumulate to cause stress. This can lead to anxiety, depression, feeling “stuck,” and other painful challenges. Dr. Llerena can help you understand and master life stressors that affect your emotional health. In addition, her mission as a mental health provider is to enable you to find the best path to fulfillment and wellbeing.

Combined with her neuroscience background, Dr. Llerena’s empathic and collaborative approach can help you build resilience and find tangible solutions by exploring your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Dr. Llerena customizes therapy to best suit your needs by drawing from a variety of evidence-based techniques (such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, etc.) and psychodynamic and emotion-focused approaches.

Dr. Llerena provides in-person psychotherapy and secure live video psychotherapy.

Dr. Llerena also offers online/video Dating & Relationship Coaching.

Dr. Llerena is NOT accepting new clients at this time.